Can you guess the names of TV shows from versions of set designs?

Can YOU name 15 popular TV shows from these minimalist scenes? Tricky visual quiz will put your pop culture knowledge to the test

  • Quiz developed by HouseholdQuotes puts your TV show knowledge to the test
  • Among those featured are TV classics as well as more recent global successes
  • With the help of some handy clues, put your knowledge to the test 

Some TV shows become such a major part of popular culture that actors who star in them are forever known by their characters’ names. 

However, the design of sets also sticks in people’s minds, to the extent that just one image is enough to trigger instant recognition. 

A new quiz developed by HouseholdQuotes puts your telly show knowledge to the test by showing a minimalist take on the sets of some of the world’s most iconic shows.

Among those featured are long-running TV classics as well as more recent global successes. With the help of some handy clues, put your knowledge to the test and then check out the answers below… 

1. Things Are Pretty Strange Around Here 

This one should be pretty easy – especially if you consider the dated style of the furniture

2. The One with the New Yorkers 

The signature colour scheme says a lot here, as does the picture frame on the door and the open cupboards

3. It’s the Accepted Creation Theory 

Do you get the feeling here that geeks might be somewhere nearby? Batman and Superman are standing in front a nice and clean whiteboard

4. Gritty Melodrama, Four Times a Week 

This is almost too easy. Let’s just say it has been running since the 1980s and features a very famous pub

5. This Show is a Ball 

This is slightly trickier but it might help if we tell you that a third season is in the pipeline – and it’s a very glamorous show…

6. A Show About Very Little 

This show’s title character ended up as an unlikely style icon, even though the final episode aired more than 30 years ago

7. Beaming into Your Living Room… 

This set has become a major part of TV fandom, especially for dedicated fans of the show in question

8. Vampires Beware 

There’s a fair amount going on in this set mock-up, but it shouldn’t be too tricky to guess the show

9. Sitcom. Or Documentary. Meh. 

A version of this show was first made in the UK before it was taken to the US and became even more popular

10. America’s First Family 

This show has been running for so long that many people forget that new episodes are still being made

11. It’s the New Upstairs Downstairs 

This creation gripped millions of viewers across the world and turned some stars into household names

12. Everyone’s Favourite Mum & Daughter Show 

This show first ran in the early 2000s and centred on the relationship between a mother and daughter

13. These Girls are Golden 

This show pre-dates another iconic classic but it doesn’t mean that people of all generations can’t have a good guess

14. What’s the Weather Like in Philly? 

The familiar shade of slime green in this poster should be a hint for fans of this show, although you can take a guess if you’re still not sure

15. A Very Dangerous Game 

Fans of this show were just a little disappointed with the final series’ finale but it has still gained global recognition



1. Stranger Things

2. Friends

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. EastEnders

5. Pose

6. Seinfeld

7. Star Trek

8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

9. The Office

10. The Simpsons



11. Downton Abbey

12. Gilmore Girls

13. Golden Girls

14. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

15. Game Of Thrones

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