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ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY fashion just got a whole lot cosier with Canada Goose's January 2021 launch of the Standard Expedition Parka, designed to keep the planet cool and people warm.

Inspired by the best-selling Expedition style, The Standard is the luxury outerwear brand's most sustainable parka to date, as part of their new Sustainable Impact strategy.

Canada Goose's unisex design is cut from an eco version of their trademark Arctic Tech fabric, blended with recycled polyester, organic cotton and a shell made up entirely of wind, snow and water-resistant, recycled nylon.

The ball has finally got rolling with the luxury label's 2019 pledge to phase out new fur, because this is the first ever product made from reclaimed fur.

Plus, as it's white, no dyes were required, so it won't pollute waterways when washed, and it uses 30 per cent less carbon and 65 per cent less water than the original.

From the adjustable, snug down-filled hood and side seem zippers for ventilation, to the backpack straps for carrying it hands-free over your shoulders,  there's no lack of high-tech detailing either.

  • The Standard Expedition for Women, £1550 from Canada Goose – buy here
  • The Standard Expedition for Men, £1550 from Canada goose – buy here

Climate change is becoming a bigger conversation in fashion, with down-jacket competitor Moncler launching a similar green project in October: the Born to Protect plan, releasing jackets this month made entirely of sustainable fabrics.

Another leading outerwear label, North Face lets customers drop off their used clothing or footwear at stores, and they also launched the ThermoBall Eco back in 2019 made entirely of plastic bottles, as well as increasing their use of recycled materials across all ranges.

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