Car mechanics reveal the bizarre things they have seen

Driving into trouble! Mechanics reveal the bizare things they’ve seen in cars – from a creepy doll to a glove compartment filled with green slime

  • Car mechanics have revealed the unusual things they have seen while working
  • One vehicle was impaled on a branch, while one car claimed it was a ‘biohazard’ 
  • While some mishaps proved that drivers should not be trying their own repairs 

Mechanics from around the world have revealed the most unusual sights they have seen at work in a hilarious online gallery. 

The bizarre snaps, collated by BoredPanda, included a rabbit being found stuck inside the car, a vehicle impaled on massive tree branch, and a sign claiming that the car was a ‘biohazard’.

While some spooky objects, including a creepy old doll and a Batman car seat, left the mechanics wondering whether the driver had left them on purpose to scare them.

Other drivers proved they should not do their own repairs, as unfortunate mishaps saw a spare tire put on very wrong and a customer who made a hole in their bonnet after installing the wrong battery.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most baffling situations that mechanics were faced with while looking at people’s cars.

Car mechanics were left confused when faced with these unusual sights, including a car which impaled through the bonnet with a massive branch – but it luckily missed the windscreen

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A child’s Batman-themed carseat caused a mechanic to leap out of his skin as he thought it was a person sitting in the back of the seat at a first glance

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This car’s bonnet had a rather unusual guest as a large rodent seemed to have created a nest out of leaves inside the vehicle

One mechanic was left completely confused after opening this driver’s glove compartment to find it completely filled with green slime

One mechanic was gobsmacked after finding a rabbit stuck inside a car – but luckily managed to recover the animal alive and well after removing the entire front of the vehicle

Another mechanic was left wondering whether the car’s owners were trying to terrify him after he discovered a very creepy doll lurking on the floor of the car

A car owner proved that they should not be trying to do their own DIY repairs after accidentally bursting a hole in their bonnet while installing the wrong battery

Two car mechanics were left completely baffled after one driver brought their car in complaining they were smelling gas, but they had dozens of gas containers in the back

An aggressive sign taped on to one dashboard left people in hysterics as it demanded ‘turn off lights dip****’

One car owner also found an unusual furry friend tucked in their vehicle, but they only discovered the cat after driving for a staggering 30 miles

One driver proved that they should not be attempting their own car repairs after they put their own spare tire on – only to be told by the mechanic quite how wrong it really was

One mechanic was left baffled after a customer had left an extremely heavy cement ball in their trunk, but expected them to put their spare tire on with the ball in the car

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