Chris Cuomo Busts Some Dad Moves In TikTok Dance Video With Daughter

CNN host Chris Cuomo has entered the next phase of his recovery from the coronavirus ― the silly dad dance on TikTok. (See the clip below.)

Cuomo, who said his bout with COVID-19 got to the point where he had hallucinations, recently made this very real video with his 17-year-old daughter Bella.

He shook his booty and busted some dad moves in a clip she posted to the short-video platform.

Cuomo had coronavirus task force expert Dr. Anthony Fauci as a daily confidant during his battle with the illness ― but one wonders what the infectious disease expert would say about his dance prowess.

Maybe permanent social distancing from the dance floor?

#fyp when in doubt… dance party 😎🎉



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