Chris Russo: Players can ‘go to hell’ over MLB standoff

Chris Russo apparently isn’t a union guy.

As Major League Baseball threatens its season in a stare-down between owners and players over revenue, Russo backed the billionaires during a rant on Sirius XM. He told the players to “go to hell” for refusing to accept a 50-50 split after already agreeing to reduced salaries in March, as the league and union debate how they would split up revenue without fans in the stands.

Blake Snell, Tampa’s Cy Young award winner, said last week he wouldn’t accept a pay cut since he was putting his health at risk by playing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I don’t want to hear another word. I don’t want to hear another player moan and groan,” Russo said Tuesday. “I don’t want to hear Clayton Kershaw on Dan Patrick. I don’t want to hear Ian Snell or Blake Snell or whatever his name is. I don’t want to hear Bryce Harper, [Scott] Boras….The union knew that if they were gonna play games in an empty stadium that they knew they were gonna have to take a price reduction. They knew it. So all of them can go to hell. Go to hell. That’s garbage.”

Russo claims the union knew the agreement with the owners would need to be altered depending on when games began and whether fans would be allowed to attend, citing a letter first reported by The Post’s Joel Sherman a day earlier.

“What a disgrace. They knew right from the get-go, that the letter and the exchange and the agreement that was made in March regarding the whole thing and the 50-50 revenue split, that they knew it would have to be renegotiated and changed if there was a situation,” Russo said. “And I got [players’ union executive director] Tony Clark telling the whole world how dare [commissioner Rob] Manfred try to jam a salary cap by us during a global pandemic…..They’ve made a big stink about the 50-50 thing. Go to hell. All of you.”

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