Chrissy Teigen Says She Honesty Loved Getting Tested for Coronavirus

Chrissy Teigen certainly did not have a bad experience getting tested for coronavirus. 

On Tuesday, the TV personality and famous mom of two tweeted out a video of herself in the process of a coronavirus test, which involved getting swabbed in both nostrils. In the footage, you can see the celebrity foodie laughing as she is swabbed, noting it tickled and was “not bad at all.” Teigen donned a robe for the test and appeared to be inside her own home. 

Overall, she gave a positive review. “Honestly loved it,” she tweeted. 

In response to a since-deleted tweet, Teigen offered more context, writing, “Everyone in LA can get tested for free. I’m having surgery and had to. I’m sorry if this offends you.”

When another critic called Teigen’s tweet “privileged” for getting the test done at home, the star responded with, “It’s not privileged. You have the access to the same website. Have them come over! Anything else?”

Many swiftly stood up for Teigen against any social media backlash while thanking her for the inadvertent PSA. 

“Thank you for showing it so others will not be afraid,” one tweet read. 

“What are you sorry for? You graciously donated your time to do a public service announcement encouraging people that are afraid to get tested, get tested. Brava!” another praised. 

While Teigen did not disclose what kind of surgery she is scheduled to undergo, she was also showered with well wishes for the procedure. 

“Here’s to a speedy recovery,” one of the tweets read. “Hope your surgery goes well.”

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