Cleaning obsessives share 25p hack for removing stubborn marks on the bath

Cleaning has become a hobby in its own right over the past few years in part due to the popularity of Instagram influencers like Mrs Hinch.

Those who were already house proud now have a huge community fo like-minded cleaning obsessives to share hacks, tips and tricks with.

Many of these are posted on Facebook and in Mrs Hinch fan groups – some of which have over 650,000 people.

This is no surprise given that Mrs Hinch herself has more than 4million followers.

But, there’s nothing more annoying than shining, scrubbing and polishing your home until it sparkles… and then spotting a stubborn mark.

And, it’s the bathroom where many of these difficult spots live.

White baths can gather black marks and scratches which don’t come off caused by dropped razors, shampoo bottles, kids toys and nail polish.

So, how do you eradicate them?

Well, a Mrs Hinch fan posted just that question in a fan group.

She said: “Any advice on how to get toy marks off a white bath? Fed up of the marks.”

The cleaning queens in the group had tonnes of suggestions that they claim work wonders.

But one recommendation was repeated over and over again – and, it’ll only set you back between 25 and 98p a pop.

The “Magic Eraser” sponge was suggested by scores of women and the Flash version costs £1.99 for two at The Range.

You can also pick up some DLUX brand magic erasers For £1 for four at Poundland.

One user said: “Magic eraser works a treat I use them in clients' houses all the time.

“Apart from nail varnish remover it's the only thing I have found that works.”

Another replied: “Magic eraser worked on scuff marks from lino fitters when they caught my bath.”

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While a third commented: “Magic sponge eraser.”

And another person simply said: “Magic eraser.”

Another woman replied: “Magic sponge 100%. Mine is always covered in marks after my kids have had a bath but this gets them all off.”

And, don’t worry about picking the priciest brand, as a cleaning obsessive said: “Magic Eraser! Don’t know how it works but it just wipes it off!

“I get the cheap versions and they still work a treat!”

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