Couple buy caravan on Gumtree for £800 and give it an amazing DIY makeover

When Ellie Sharkey, 22, and Charlotte Tasker, 24, had their holiday to Canada cancelled due to coronavirus, they came up with a way to put the money to good use.

The couple decided on a whim to buy a caravan on Gumtree for just £800 – complete with a canoe, a collapsible bike, and awning.

Then, in the space of just one week, they transformed the drab caravan into a pretty pink dream, costing them just £500.

Ellie and Charlotte now plan to take their new caravan on a two-week trip on the North Coast 500, a scenic road trip in the north of Scotland.

Ellie, from Arbroath, Scotland, said: ‘We knew when we bought it that it was obviously really dated, but we planned to paint it anyway.

‘It was a dead spontaneous decision.

‘We bought it on Friday, and Saturday morning at 8am it was at our doorstep!’

The couple spent a week decorating the caravan together, changing it inside and out without any previous DIY experience.

The £500 makeover included plenty of pink chalk paint, dalmatian spots, sparkly silver chairs, fairy lights, and vinyl flooring.

‘All in all the renovations cost around £500,’ said Ellie. ‘We painted all the cupboards with chalk paint and my mum made us new pink curtains.

‘We spray painted all inside metal features rose gold, covered the seats with sparkly silver fabric and replaced the old carpet with vinyl flooring.

‘After that we then painted the body of the caravan pink and grey, and dalmatian spots on the roof.

‘Finally, we added pillows, fairy lights, pom poms and accessories to make it a more comfortable living space.’

Charlotte, who works as an army medic, added: ‘The caravan isn’t perfect but we have made it our own, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

‘It has all the personal touches we planned to include and more, so we couldn’t be happier.

‘We don’t want people thinking that we are professionals at this.

‘We are genuinely just two normal people who have tried to make a caravan a bit more funky.’

Ellie and Charlotte will share their travels in the caravan on Instagram, so you can keep up with their journeys there.

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