Cute family of swans cause London traffic jam as they cross road- ‘Brilliant’

Sutcliffe Park: Family of swans stop traffic to cross the road

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An adorable video has been circulating on social media showing the swans and their seven babies crossing a busy road in London. As the birds walk from one pavement to the other, a double-decker bus and the traffic behind wait patiently until it can move on.

The viral video is captioned: “My daughter filmed this near her home in Sutcliffe Park. The swan family are local celebrities and regularly stop traffic.”

The author then added in the comments: “They do this every year, crossing the busy road at least twice a day, but miraculously all survive!” 

People were quick to comment on the clip with one saying: “How awesome is this! Love that the traffic stops for them.”

Another added: “Twitter at its best!” A third said: “Haha, that is brilliant!” And a fourth replied: “Soooo cute!!”

Sutcliffe Park retweeted the video saying: “A day in the life of Bonnie and Clyde with seven cygnets.”

It is thought that swans are oblivious to traffic and therefore can often be seen walking along the road. The Wildlife Ambulance says most swans end up on roads due to turbulence in lakes and rivers. Wind can also cause swans to crash land on roads or fields.

The organisation states that people must not walk a swan back to a river or lake unless advised to do so. 

A Wildlife Ambulance spokesperson said: “Swans are powerful birds and are the largest bird in the UK. Unless you are suffering from a condition like brittle bones, are a child, or happen to fall as a result of being hit by a swan, you are very unlikely to break your arm or leg by being hit by a swan’s wing.

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“They can give you a nasty bruise, their nails on their toes can scratch skin if you pick them up, their beaks can pinch your skin, but that is about it!

“Be aware that swans are very territorial birds especially when they have their young about, a swan will charge down a river or across a lake if they think you are a threat. It is best to keep your movements slow and keep well clear if you are at all concerned about being near a swan.”

If you do see a swan in an unusual area it should be reported to the RSPCA as soon as possible.

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