Dad wants to become most tattooed in history spending over 1,200 hours on ink

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A tattoo fan is hoping to make history by becoming the most inked person on the planet.

Remy has dedicated a lot of time to his journey by raking up over 1,200 hours in front of the needle.

The dad has already revealed he has no plans in stopping soon either as his body is 95% inked.

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Now the Canadian hopes to overtake the current holder who claims to have spent 1,000 hours on his tattoos.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Remy said he believes he's held the record for most hours tattooed for a few years now.

He said: "I am going for the world record for the most hours tattooed, I believe I'd had the record for a few years now.

"The last title holder claims he's had 1,000 hours, I'm well over 1,200 now and I get tattooed still between 3-10 hours a week."

Remy exclusively told us that he's submitted his entry to the Guinness World of Records and he's waiting for a reply.

And he's adamant to keep going with his ink journey as he hopes to reach 2,000 hours in the chair.

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He added: "I explained in my application how I was no where near done and would be well over 2,000 hours before I'd be finished.

"These days I think of my tattoos as having just one tattoo and I make it as cohesive as possible."

The tattoo fan has covered a huge chunk of his body, 95% of it to be exact, and it's been a six-year long process.

Currently he's doing more layers on his body, including blackwork on his torso.

"For me I could have finished my face years ago but didn't want to, I'm doing multiple layers on my body," Remy explained.

"Most parts of me have been tattooed between 10-15 times, I've recently just had my eighth session on my armpits."

While the average tattoo fan fears getting their armpits done, for Remy he doesn't find it so painful.

He concluded: "Like a lot of people avoid getting armpits done thinking they're super painful, but they're actually not that bad at all."


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