Daily horoscope for June 1: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The lunar aspects shifts today but you are bound to feel some of that Aquarius energy in your horoscope regardless. The Aquarius Moon forms a Trine with Venus in Gemini and that means one thing: communication, communication, communication. This favourable combination influences your appreciation and respect for those around you.

You feel a deep sense of respect for others and their feelings, as well their opinions and points of view.

According to astrologer Gregory Scott, this Gemini Venus wants you to express yourself creatively.

This is a great time for love and finding a way of expressing yourself in different ways.

Meeting new people should be a breeze and you may even stumble upon people who may not typically cross your paths.

The astrologer said: “It’s kind of problematic though because the room for error is still there and something that may seem super surprising and really charming and interesting, again, the next day could become very annoying and unacceptable.

“So it’s really important not to commit yourself to something 100 percent, and to just give yourself a little bit of time for information to sink in.”

You also want to allow yourself the time to apply your feelings to whatever your present situation is.

Doing so will allow you to figure things out at your own pace.

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In other words, don’t rush into things and don’t commit to things at the drop of the hat.

Later in the day, the Moon transitions into Pisces and with that comes an echo of Neptune in Pisces.

According to Mr Scott, this aspect will bolster your intuition and feelings.

The Pisces Moon also Conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces, which “is really fabulous”.

The astrologer said: “When I saw this, I was like, ‘Oh wow.'”

Jupiter is the lucky planet in this scenario and when it ventures into Pisces, the luck influences your inner world.

This translates to how you are feeling and the things you are reflecting upon.

But we are also in Mercury retrograde right now, so that is something you should consider.

Because paired with the Moon, there is a base of support for this aspect.

Mr Scott said: “The way I understand this, is that it’s a great day for spiritual insights and even spiritual insights and awakenings.

“So, if there are things about yourself that you don’t quite understand, you know, if you are going through life and you keep repeating the same patterns over and over and over again and you really haven’t been able to see your role in that, or why certain things keep happening to you, you may get the spiritual cause to a situation like that.”

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