Daily horoscope for June 18: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Thursday’s horoscope sees Mercury in Cancer turn Retrograde, which should welcome the end of much tension. People have reportedly been flying blind for a while now while Mercury has wandered away from the Sun, representative of the light of truth and life.

You may have felt on uncertain ground for a while now, meaning it is almost a relief when Mercury stations then turns Retrograde.

Although, Mercury Retrograde is commonly considered to be a headache.

However, a surprisingly large number of more contemplative personalities actually prefer it.

Mercury Retrograde can be a life-saviour, in fact, allowing you to return to truth and tidy up loose threads.


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By the time Mercury goes retro, the planet wondered so far ahead of the Sun, it has gone rogue.

Now is the time for the solar system’s star to catch up with Mercury and check it has been behaving.

And so, Mercury begins his journey back to the Sun today.

This is therefore your time to survey yourself and ensure certain ideas have not been running away with you.

Astrologers advise people to cease all external activities.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and make sure your thoughts are aligned to your goals.

And with confidence in your ideas waning, now is the ideal opportunity to stop pushing ahead regardless and hit pause for a while.

Thursday is time to retrace your steps and arrive at a fresh perspective.

Mars, Pluto and today’s Taurus Moon are supporting you all the way this Thursday.

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Red Planet Mars in Pisces energises your dreams and Pluto is about to offer assistance too.

Together, these will work to turning your energy and your libido up to eleven.

The Moon is waning to black in Taurus, where it forms a Sextile with Neptune and Mars.

Earth’s celestial orb then forms a Trine with Pluto and Jupiter.

This is considered to be a very good concatenation of events all in all.

All lights are green, the way is open, so stop procrastinating and instead focus on consolidating your ground.

You’ve got the energy and power now to do this today.

As Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn harmonise in Sextile, you may well experience a turbo charge of energy.

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