Danielle Lloyd lifts lid on spicy sex life after being seen stocking up on lube

Danielle Lloyd has opened up about how she keeps her marriage to Michael O'Neill alive while all raising four kids after being snapped stocking up on lube.

The former WAG sat down with Daily Star on our official Facebook page to chat all things romance ahead of Christmas.

Admitting it is tough to keep the spark alive at times, Danielle went on to reveal her top tip is to splash out on sexy underwear and dress up for her man.

The brunette babe said: "I think it is so important to spice things up the bedroom and buy some sexy underwear.

"Especially when you have kids, i think it is so important to get time for you and your partner.

"That part of a relationship can be lost when you become parents."

When asked if she has dressed up for her hubby, Danielle beamed: "Of course, you've got to when you get the time.

"Raising four kids takes up a lot of your time but there is is the dd occasion when you get a weekend of and of course it's nice to spend time together… why not does up and make your man happy."

Danielle has just launched her own casual dating site Thehookupsite.com.

The Scouse gal say she hopes that it will help to breakdown the stigma around casual sex women face.

"There is such stigma with casual dating.

"For a man it's ok but then when a woman does it its this or that.

"It is really not a bad thing to enjoy sex."

Danielle previously told Daily Star show she thinks the site is great for anyone who is bored of the usual dating platforms which often end nowhere.

Talking about the venture, she said: "I was approached to open my own dating website and I thought why not.

"Some people don’t have time for a serious relationship or want one so this is perfect for them.

"I think the site is great for people to get to meet people and flirt."

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