'Don't pick on players': Lineker hits back amid coronavirus criticism

‘Don’t just pick on footballers’: Gary Lineker insists he has spoken to players ‘desperate’ to help contribute to coronavirus crisis amid criticism

  • Top-flight footballers are facing criticism over their lack of action amid the crisis
  • Health secretary Matt Hancock took a dig at players over not taking pay cuts
  • Former striker Gary Lineker has hit back, saying players shouldn’t be picked on
  • The presenter claimed to have spoken to players who are keen to get involved

Gary Lineker has come to the defence of footballers amid criticism of their unwillingness to take pay cuts through the coronavirus crisis. 

Premier League players are fighting against their wages being slashed by 30 per after the PFA met with the top-flight’s organisers. 

Health secretary Matt Hancock took a dig, saying: ‘Given the sacrifices that many people are making, including some of my colleagues in the NHS who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I think the first thing that Premier League footballers can do is make a contribution, and play their part.’ 

Gary Lineker has hit back amid criticism of Premier League footballers not taking pay cuts 

Top-flight players are not happy with proposals to slash their wages by 30 per cent

Footballer’s huge wages are commonly derided, but Lineker believes scrutiny should be moved elsewhere.   

‘Why not call on all the wealthy to try and help if they possibly can rather than just pick on footballers?,’ Lineker told BBC One. 

‘They’ve always been easy game in many ways. Nobody seems to talk about the bankers, the CEOs, huge millionaires. Are they standing up? Are they being asked to stand up? We don’t know.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock hit out at players over their lack of action amid the crisis 

Lineker claims to know top-flight players who are ‘desperate’ to contribute to the cause 

‘Footballers do an extraordinary amount of good in the community, lots of them will already be giving in their own silent ways and I know that plans are afoot to make their contributions to society.  

‘The players I’ve spoken to are all desperately keen to do it. The problem is how you do it. It’s obviously complicated and it takes time. People are always quick to jump on the judgemental high horse, certainly when it comes to footballers but lots of them do lots of really good things and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so.

‘I expect an announcement to come in the next few days, the next week or so.’ 

Players are reportedly ready to make significant financial sacrifices to aid the coronavirus effort, but are unhappy with the their money being streamed straight back to club owners.  

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