'DWTS': Derek Hough Revealed That an 'Official Person' Is Responsible for Preventing This Dreaded Wardrobe Malfunction

Mega Mirrorball champ Derek Hough of Dancing With the Stars is no stranger to the elaborate costumes required when performing. In his 2015 memoir, the DWTS alum described how the wardrobe pros on the show keep certain body parts kept where they belong.

‘DWTS’ pros have some input on what they wear

Along with directing dance steps, DWTS stars have some say when it comes to their costumes. Hough revealed he tends to prefer a more casual look in comparison to his cast mates.

“Mark Ballas is like, ‘I wanna be a wizard, I wanna be a ninja,’” Hough wrote in his book Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion. “He loves a good costume. Me? Put me in a T-shirt and jeans and I’m happy.”

Forming an alliance with the DWTS fashion experts over the years, Hough was able to have some input on what he preferred for his routines.

“I’ve become good friends with the wardrobe department in all my seasons on the show,” he explained. “I work really closely with them. They let me guide them.”

Derek Hough described an interesting ‘DWTS’ job in wardrobe

With the extravagant costumes often revealing plenty of skin, certain body parts sometimes get some unplanned screen time.

“There have been a few wardrobe malfunctions in the past,” Hough revealed. “Especially with the ladies and parts of their anatomy popping out. Obviously being on national TV, we want to avoid these fashion emergencies.”

To ensure that these accidental exposures are avoided, the DWTS team created a unique role in the wardrobe department.

“The women wear these things called pasties,” Hough explained. “We have an official person, a woman, who’s in charge of pasty checks. It’s her job (I’m not kidding) to make sure nothing is revealed when it isn’t intended to be.”

Derek the Designer

In season 18, Hough was paired with Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy. The first double amputee on the show, Purdy’s tenacity and work ethic were an inspiration to Hough.

“Amy Purdy is one of the most courageous, dynamic, unstoppable people I have ever met,” he gushed of his previous DWTS partner. “I truly run out of adjectives when I try to convey how amazing she is.”

Hough wanted Purdy to be at her best in all aspects of the competition, including with her costumes. Dealing with prosthetic limbs on the dance floor for the first time, Hough donned his designer hat when he didn’t like a dress the wardrobe department chose for his partner.

“With Amy in her contemporary costume, it first felt too sexy,” he recalled. “It was peach and I thought the color was a mistake; it made the prosthetic leg look orange. Last minute, I said, ‘Let’s make a basic grey dress.’ … I actually sketched the costume on a piece of paper. I never thought I’d be designing clothing! But getting the fit right and getting the fabric to do what it’s supposed to do is part of my job.”

Hough and Purdy finished the season in second place.

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