England may form air bridges with small areas in banned countries like Portugal and US

AIR bridges to low-coronavirus-regions in banned countries could be introduced later this year by the government.

Travelling to destinations such as Portugal and the US is currently banned by the government as both countries report spikes in cases or high coronavirus infections.

However, the new bridges could link the UK to certain regions which have lower cases – such as to Madeira and the Azores while avoiding Lisbon.

While many states in the US are also facing record high daily infections, some states with lower cases could also be included in the plans.

West Virginia, along with Oregon and Utah have less than 10 deaths per 100,000 people.

A source told The Telegraph: "Regional air bridges are an option for countries with localised outbreaks. 

"The US is a major issue. If you judge it nationally, the absence of travel could go on for months, which is where individual testing of arrivals could work."

Similar proposals were suggested earlier this year.

Travel corridors between the UK and Spain were previously suggested between Birmingham and Majorca, if they had lower cases of coronavirus.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the Government would be making "more announcements" on international travel, following a review on Monday next week.

He told Sky News: "I will be talking more about the way forward on things like international travel corridors then.

"But now, each week actually, we are reviewing and, where required, updating the list of countries it's safe to travel to."

Currently, air bridges between England and 73 destinations are in place, which no longer require quarantining when returning to the country.

The travel ban on non-essential travel has also been lifted to the destinations as well, meaning holidays can resume.

However, Brits may still need to quarantine or face coronavirus tests on arrival with the countries on the list.

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