English European Super League Teams Fined £20 Million GBP for Breakaway Plans

The six English football clubs who co-founded the breakaway European Super League earlier this year have agreed to pay a £20 million GBP (approximately $28 million USD) fine. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea have agreed the settlement with the Premier League, with the money raised from the fine due to be invested into grassroots football.

As well as announcing the fine for the April attempt, the Premier League has also tightened its rules to avoid a repeat of the split. If any of the teams try again to join or form a breakaway league, the club will be fined £20 million GBP (approximately $28 million USD) and docked 30 points in the league. Based on the 2020/21 final standings, first placed Manchester City would have dropped from first to 10th had they received the points sanction, while most of the other teams would have narrowly avoided relegation.

The six English clubs were the first to leave the European Super League, with all of them departing after a backlash within 48 hours of plans being announced in April. Three clubs — Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus — remain, and all three are currently undergoing disciplinary procedures from UEFA for their roles.

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