Every time Stacey Solomon has had to hit back at trolls who mum-shame her parenting choices

Stacey Solomon has proven to be the queen of honesty and transparency as she gives her fans an insight into her life being a mum to three children, running a household and being on the television.

And while she may be different in that she presents Loose Women and gets recognised when she goes to IKEA to stock up on her favourite storage organisers, Stacey is just like all mothers trying to navigate life raising kids.

However she does so in front of millions, as she regularly gives her three million Instagram followers daily updates and anecdotes about what she’s up to with three sons Zachary, 12, Leighton, seven, and nine month old Rex.

Living with boyfriend Joe Swash, Stacey is only too happy to reveal a real behind-the-scenes look at family life, but often finds her private Instagram inbox full of criticism from trolls she has nicknamed ‘Susans’.

From complaining that she isn’t keeping them warm enough, that she shouldn’t cuddle Rex to sleep and how she isn’t protecting her tot enough when out in the sun – Stacey often has to defend herself against unnecessary comments.

Here we take a look at every time the mum-of-three has hit back at those pesky mummy-shamers…

Rex outside in the sun

Stacey revealed that her inbox was heaving with unsolicited messages from followers concerned for Rex’s wellbeing outside in the sunny weather. The TV presenter took to her Instagram Stories where she mocked the ‘Susans’ for worrying he would be too hot in the sun and too cold in their garden teepee.

"To the many messages I’ve received from Susans still concerned about the temperature of my child. Too hot in the sun, too cold in the tent. Seriously though, it must really keep you up at night. All I can suggest is.." Stacey then went on to sing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and the Wailers, quoting to her followers: "Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright."

Coronavirus conspiracy theory

Stacey was in stitches as she took to her Instagram Stories to mock a troll who had suggested that she knew about coronavirus before anyone else because she bought her household products in bulk. For those who are regular fans of Stacey, they will know the savvy mum buys things like washing detergent, cereal, and toilet roll in bulk and does ‘refill hour’ each week. But one conspiracy theory from a troll claimed her stocked up cupboard was because she knew about coronavirus ahead of time. Stacey couldn’t resist joking that she was "close" with the Chinese government.

Picking toys up with her feet

Choosing to tidy up with her toes instead of her hands became a cause for concern for some of her followers and they voiced their opinion to the Loose Women star who swiftly hit back. Stacey mockingly laughed as she confirmed she had thoroughly sanitised her feet before using them to clean up. But, with the chaos of the coronavirus appearing to rest heavy on some of her followers’ minds, it wasn’t long before Stacey revealed she had been flooded with messages about her foot hygiene. Talking directly to her trolls Stacey said: “Rest assured Susan that I washed my feet to the full version of Happy Birthday and included an extra verse of hip-hip-hooray just to be on the safe side.”

Weaning Rex

Stacey recruited a nutritionist to help her hit back at trolls who criticised her for weaning her then five month old son, Rex. Many aired their concerns after pointing out that Rex was a few weeks short of six months — the typical age weaning begins. But Stacey shut down critics with help of her friend Charlotte Stirling-Reid of SR Nutrition who said that Rex was ready. "He can sit up for a little bit, hold his head and neck steady, he can reach out, see food and put it in his mouth all by himself, and he hasn’t got much of a tongue thrust so we are good to go."

Cuddling Rex to sleep

Stacey took to her Instagram Stories to hit back at ‘mummy-shamers’ who had blasted her for ‘cuddling her son’ too much, claiming it was the reason he wasn’t sleeping through the night. Laughing at the unsolicited messages she had received, Stacey said in a mocking tone how she didn’t care what ‘Susans’ thought of how she looked after her child and did what worked for him and her.

"Maybe, Susan, you shouldn’t be messaging sleep-deprived mothers who don’t give a shoe’s horn what you think of their sleep routines. I love to give him a cuddle to sleep and I don’t want to let him cry it out and sometimes he sleeps really well and sometimes he doesn’t but it works for us. If we’re happy, you should be to."

Temperature of her children

Stacey took down some trolls from her toilet seat in a miniature rant slamming those who had tried to mum-shame her because she apparently didn’t keep them warm enough. She said to her followers: "There does seem to be an ever-growing concern amongst the Susans of the world about the temperature of my kids. Not enough blankets, school shorts instead of school trousers so I just wanted to put their minds at ease."

The clip then suddenly cut off and the next scene shows Stacey on the toilet as she says she simply doesn’t "have time" to "put their minds at ease" as she’s got to finish her business on the loo. She continued: "Sorry Susan I don’t actually have time to put your mind at ease, I didn’t have time to argue about the school shorts this morning and I forgot a blanket on the school run this afternoon."

‘Not educated’

Millionaire Stacey has often had to defend herself throughout her career against trolls who claim she is "dumb", either because of her Essex accent or because she started her career as a reality star on X Factor. But after a discussion on Loose Women about continuing further education to university the trolls came after her saying she wasn’t educated enough to take part.

One said: "I’m not being funny. I really doubt Stacey could have gotten into a university. And truth be told if it wasn’t for a lucky break on X Factor, then she’d probably still be working in a café (nothing wrong with cafe work), but she certainly wouldn’t have the same money."

Of course Stacey hit back at the rude comment: "I have a national diploma equivalent to 3 As at A-level and could have gone to university, if I could afford it. I’m an intelligent capable human. Your opinion demonstrates a lack of education & ability to see past stereotypical traits in a human that society deems unintelligent."

Bathtime with her sons

Stacey was furious when trolls slammed her for sharing a bath with her two sons Zachary and Leighton in 2017 before Rex was born. She posted an adorable snap of them surrounded by bubbles but mum-shamers took offence about her being naked in front of her children. In her then Sun column she wrote that it "infuriated" her that people would be offended at "something so natural".

"People couldn’t bear the thought of me being my naked self in front of my naked children. ‘Wrong’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘child abuse’ were just a few of the words used to describe something that I thought was completely normal."

Kissing her sons on the lips

Another adorable moment captured by Stacey that caused offence to those who didn’t agree with Stacey’s choice to kiss her children on the lips. "Anyone who thinks it is wrong because they seem to think kisses on the lips are somehow a display of sexual behaviour, has a serious problem. There is NOTHING sexual or remotely disgusting with kissing your baby, who likely entered the world through your vagina and possibly fed from your breast might I add," she blasted in her Sun column.

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