Ex-UFC champ Miesha Tate shows off incredible physique after four years out of Octagon and having two children

FORMER UFC women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate looks to be in phenomenal shape ahead of her return to the octagon.

The MMA pioneer will return to the cage for the first time in nearly five years next month at UFC on ESPN 26 in Las Vegas.

And she's certainly got herself in peak physical condition for her comeback fight.

Tate, 34, shared a series of bathroom selfies to Instagram on Thursday.

And the former 135lb queen's hard work ahead of her return to action was clear for all to see as her rippling abs bulged at the seams.

Tate's accompanying caption read: “I’ve never been in this good of shape, I’ve never taken my job more seriously.

“I have tools and resources never available to me before. Everything is on the line.

"My body has done the most incredible things but the best is yet to come! #July17th."


MMA fans were stunned by Tate's transformation, with one saying: "She's not playing around people."

Another said: "How to be back in shape after delivery."

And another said: "You are in fantastic shape, I hope nothing but great things in the future for you."

Tate will be welcomed back to the octagon by fellow veteran Marion Reneau, who is set to retire after her clash with Cupcake.

Washington warrior Tate hung up her gloves shortly after losing her UFC 205 showdown with Raquel Pennington, whom she coached on season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter.

The former Strikeforce standout had long weighed up a return to action but decided to strap on her gloves again shortly after the birth of her son Daxton.

During an appearance on The Victory Loves podcast, she said: “The moment that I knew I really wanted to come back, it was about the time I had my son about nine months ago.

"After I had my baby, the pandemic brought everything home for me, what’s important.

"I was stuck in Singapore, even though it’s not a bad place to be stuck.

"But for most people who grew up in America, you could take a road trip.

"I felt so stuck in Singapore. We couldn’t do that, we didn’t have a car.

"We were stuck in a little tiny condo with no yard. I know this sounds like ‘poor you,’ but the truth is it wasn’t the most ideal situation.

“It just made me think of all the things I really appreciate. And one of those things is being a competitor.

"And being cooped up and not being able to train, my mum couldn’t come for the birth of my son, the borders were closed.

"I came back to America and said, ‘I want to fight again.’ Time is valuable and support systems are available and that’s something I didn’t have at the beginning of my career, or really throughout my career.

"I’m excited now to have good coaches, a good support system. Not that all my coaches weren’t good, Robert Follis was great but he passed.

"But it’s just different this time around. It’s something I’m looking forward to doing.”

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