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MAX VERSTAPPEN has his eye set on an 11th consecutive GP win in Singapore – but the F1 icon has the odds stacked against him.

The world champ will start the grid in 11th spot after having a nightmare in qualifying.

And this gives the likes of Lewis Hamilton encouragement to stop Verstappen's record by clinching first place.

But not Lance Stroll as he is set to miss the race after his horror 150mph crash on Saturday.

  • Grand Prix start time: 1pm BST
  • TV channel UK: Sky Sports F1
  • Live stream: NOW TV


Keep up to date with all the action from Marina Bay below…

  • By Kieran Davies

    Lights out in Singapore Grand Prix

  • By Kieran Davies

    Formation lap begins

  • By Kieran Davies

    How the grid will look today

    Here is a quick reminder of how we will line-up today as we head closer to lights out in Singapore:

    Credit: @F1
  • By Kieran Davies

    Lando flying in qualifying

    Lando Norris is having a fantastic F1 season and in the latter part has really started to impress.

    He seemed pleased with his grid position when he finished yesterday.

    Slowly but surely, Norris is becoming 'one to watch' for the future of Formula One racing.

    Credit: @F1
  • By Kieran Davies

    Verstappen challenges himself in Singapore

    If Max Verstappen were to win the Grand Prix today from 11th place, it truly would be a monumental drive from the Dutchman.

    He has surprised from lowly grid positions before, it all depends whether his team have been able to iron out the creases in the car we have seen this weekend.

    When it comes to Max Verstappen, never rule anything out.

  • By Kieran Davies

    Bookies lay odds on the line

    For one of the rare occasions this season, someone other than Verstappen is fancied to win the Grand Prix:

    George Russell 9/4

    Carlos Sainz 15/8

    Max Verstappen 9/2

    Charles Leclerc 13/2

    Lando Norris 8/1

    Lewis Hamilton 12/1

    Fernando Alonso 33/1

    Sergio Perez 80/1

    All odds brought to you by Betway.

  • By Kieran Davies

    Russell crashes Ferrari party

    Mercedes' George Russell intruded upon the Ferrari dominance on the grid in qualifying.

    He spoke about the weekend so far "I feel really confident in the car. We have another set of medium tyres tomorrow, which nobody around us has had, so to get to Q3 and be on the front row with a strategic advantage tomorrow is an exciting place to be."

    Finishing above his teammate shows just how much the driver is evolving and becoming a real force in F1.

  • By Kieran Davies

    Carlos knows this is a moment

    Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz spoke after gaining his second pole position of the F1 season:

    We have a very good car in certain tracks and certain conditions and like one lap, and [on] this sort of [track with] short exits and quick changes in direction, our car seems to be very good this weekend. Like in Monza, we know our weakness is always the race pace and we always pay a price. But everyone has been doing a great job over the last couple of weekends to understand the package and understand the car and I think we are definitely making a bit of progress.

    Carlos SainzFerrari

  • By Kieran Davies

    Ferrari could turn the tables

    The constructor has been mainly an 'also ran' this season but with Carlos Sainz on pole position and Charles Leclerc in third, Singapore offers a real chance for them.

    Not only could they finally get a Grand Prix victory but their positions mean they could work as a team, a huge advantage.

    It is perfectly set for Ferrari to dominate in Singapore.

    Credit: EPA
  • By Kieran Davies

    Chance for British drivers to flourish

    The front of the grid is dominated by drivers from Britain today as George Russell, Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton all feature in the top five positions.

    There have been plenty of podium finishes by the drivers but with Verstappen so far back, today offers a real chance for them.

    With the Red Bull driver dominating the season, most F1 fans would love to see a British driver taking that trophy for the win at the end of this Grand Prix.

  • By Kieran Davies

    Spaniard flying the flag solo

    Fernando Alonso will be Aston Martin's only hope of any points in the Singapore Grand Prix today.

    The Spanish driver made a brilliant start to the season but has seemed to drop off somewhat as the season has developed.

    Lance Stroll's absence may spur him on to try and get himself back on the podium, we may yet see that famous Alonso group celebration with his team in the pit lane.

  • By Kieran Davies

    Lance lucky to Stroll out of crash

    After Lance Stroll smashed into the barriers during qualifying, it was plain to see that his car was badly damaged.

    It was a surprise to many that the driver was able to jump out of the car with no visible injuries.

    Stroll is reported to still be sore after the accident and will not be taking part in the race today.

    Credit: AFP
  • By Kieran Davies

    Wound up to the Max

    Max Verstappen was heard swearing over the team radio in qualifying as the world champion was at a loss with the performance of the car.

    Finishing in 11th place on the grid, his anger was there for all to see as he stormed off from the car immediately.

    Red Bull have dominated F1 this season and such technical issues are not something he has had to deal with much this season.

  • By Kieran Davies

    How the drivers will line-up

    Here is how the grid will look heading in today’s race:

    Credit: @F1
  • By Kieran Davies

    Horner baffled with car issues this weekend

    Red Bull principal Christian Horner spoke about the problems the car was experiencing:

    “It's very, very confusing to have dropped the amount of pace we had, the car is not responding to changes.

    "It's understeer, oversteer, braking issues, it's like we haven't managed to get the tyre in the right working window. Usually when you see a gap that big, it's because the tyre is not fundamentally working. We have tried different things with set-up and different preparations and it's just not happened.

    "Nothing has changed on the car. We tried a new aero part on Friday [a revised floor] and thought we would revert on it. It's a tried and tested set-up and it just hasn't responded on this circuit, on this asphalt. Trying to get the tyre in the window has been very hard for both drivers.”

  • By Kieran Davies

    Red Bull struggling in humid conditions

    While the constructor is dominating F1 this season, this is the first time both drivers have really struggled with the car this season. The runaway leader said:

    I knew it was always going be tough to put it on pole, but this I didn't expect.

    Max VerstappenRed Bull

  • By Kieran Davies

    Welcome to the Singapore Grand Prix

    It was an action packed qualifying session for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix yesterday. Firstly, the fact that Lance Stroll was able to walk away from his crushed vehicle was a relief to everyone watching. His Aston Martin was badly damaged when he smashed into the barriers at the first corner but fortunately the medical centre reported that he was unhurt.

    He has agreed not to participate in the race as his team face a huge challenge rebuilding the car. The driver himself is still quite sore after the accident When you saw the damage to his car it is astounding that the driver was able to step out of the vehicle unscathed.

    The Red Bull drivers seemed to be struggling with their cars, with Verstappen complaining about the upshifts of the vehicle. Even before qualifying the world champion had said that he did not feel his team would be pushing for pole position.

    Carlos Sainz managed to book pole position, with George Russell in second place. Sainz’s Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc finished in third position.

    Lando Norris finished fourth ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Liam Lawson impressed with a tenth place grid position in his Alpha Tauri.

    Max Verstappen finished in 11th place while his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez finished back in 13th place. The leader of the world championship stated it would take something monumental for either Red Bull driver to win the race in Singapore.

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