Fake Madeleine McCann racks up £100s in donations despite negative DNA result

A woman who falsely claimed she was Madeleine McCann has raised hundreds of poundsto help her "return to a somewhat normal life" after a DNA test found she wasn't the missing British child.

Julia Wendell hopes to get "back on her feet" in her native Poland after she traveled to the US where she spent weeks publicly looking for answers to determine if she was Madeleine.

But her theory was rubbished after a genetics test showed she was 100% Eastern European, prompting the 21-year-old to leave the States and return home.

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Since then she has launched a fundraiser on GoGetFunding to help her reintegrate into her old life, claiming she was "coerced" into going to America.

"Over the last few weeks, I was coerced into going to the USA, in return isolating me from everything around me. Whilst over there, went through a tough time which in turn resulted in me being even more isolated and distrusting of others," she wrote on the fundraising page.

"Now I’m at home in Poland and trying to return to a somewhat normal life with my boyfriend and my lovely cat Monte," she added. "I need to get back on my feet."

Julia added she would need the support of "lawyers and professionals" to recuperate from the events of the last several weeks.

But despite the widespread controversy over her case, the Polish woman already has raised €787 (£696) from nearly two dozen donors just days after she created the fundraiser.

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"Wish you all the best in having a normal good life. If you just manage this, you would already reverse all the bad in the world," one of the donors commented.

Julia discovered she wasn't the missing British child, who disappeared during a 2007 family holiday to Portugal, earlier this month.

"She is absolutely 100% from Poland," Julia's private investigator and self-proclaimed psychic, Dr Fia Johansson, told RadarOnline.com.

"She is a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian but the test results show she is Polish."

And after a whirlwind partnership between Julia and Dr Johansson, which saw the young Polish woman fly out to stay with Dr Johansson in the US and the pair appear on American talk show Dr Phil together, it seems they have fallen out in the wake of the DNA results.

Julia claimed the psychic was "trying to scare her" and wonders if the investigator had actually wanted to help her find out if she was actually missing Madeleine.

Meanwhile Dr Johansson said she "always knew" Julia wasn't Madeleine, despite her previous protestations the young woman "wasn't lying".

The celebrity psychic told the Mirror: "The case was always a very sensitive case.

"I have always believed Madeleine is alive, but when I flew out to Poland, I knew Julia wasn't Madeleine.

"I knew all of the disorders Julia had. She was immature and couldn't recognise who she was. She needed to get closure."

Meanwhile Julia's mother, Dorota Wandelt-Cholewinski, is apparently "beside herself" in the wake of the allegations and accused Dr Johansson of "exploiting" her.

A family friend told MailOnline: "Julia is a very disturbed young woman. Her mother Dorota is just beside herself, she can't believe how this has snowballed, Julia is very sick and Dorata just wants her to get the help she needs.

“It was clear from the beginning that Julia was not Madeleine and Dorota is furious that this so-called doctor exploited the illness of a very young woman."

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