Farmer stumped as hen mysteriously lays green egg like Dr Seuss book

A farmer has been left baffled when one of her chicken hens laid a rare spot-patterned green egg.

The unusual egg, which looked like something from Dr Seuss' children's book "Green Eggs and Ham", was discovered by Ms Gao at her home in the city of Suqian, Jiangsu province in east China.

Ms Gao showed the egg to a reporter from local broadcasting station Jiangsu Public channel and claimed she had no clue what had caused its colouring.

She said: "The egg is the same size as other eggs but this egg is covered with a green speckled totem-like pattern.

"I have seven hens and a rooster kept in the back yard and I haven't changed their food at all.

"It's the same food I have been feeding them – corn, vegetables and other green leaves."

However, Zhang Wencheng, senior veterinarian at the Suqian Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station, told the site that the egg may have been stimulated by something on the outside while still in the hen’s tube.

The abnormal contraction could have caused the final secretion of the protein layer to form the green shapes.

Zhang also said that it was better not to consume the abnormal egg.

It was not revealed whether the egg had a green yolk as well as featured in Dr Seuss' children’s classic.

The news comes after a man in India cut open a boiled egg to discover green yolk.

Experts from Kerala veterinary and animal sciences university found out that the diet of the birds triggered the phenomenon.

The farmer later revealed that he fed the chicken mixed herbs and plants.

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