Fiendishly difficult quiz tests your knowledge of the natural world

Can YOU ace this science quiz? Multiple choice challenge will test your knowledge of space, evolution and human biology – and the creator claims only 30% will score full marks

  • Quiz by Tal Garner on US-based trivia website Playbuzz tests nature knowledge
  • Creator claims just 30 per cent of people achieve a perfect score of 10 out of 10
  • Do you know enough about the world, biology and nature to make it to the top? 

A tricky new multiple choice quiz will put your knowledge about the natural world to to the test. 

Quizmaster Tal Garner, who claims just 30 per cent of people can score 10 out of 10 on the tricky tes, shared it on US-based trivia platform Playbuzz.

You’ll need a strong knowledge of obscure facts about geography, biology and even space to achieve full marks – so, do you think you can beat the odds and answer all of the questions correctly? 

Try your luck and scroll down to take a peek at the answers – and no cheating!

A tricky new multiple choice quiz created by US-Playbuzz quiz creator Tal Garner will put your knowledge of the natural world  to the test. Stock image












1. True

2. On their butt

3. False

4. 590

5. False

6. 2 inches

7. True

8. 150 years old

9. False

10. Purple

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