Five tips from Tinder on how to ease yourself back into post-lockdown dating

After what can only be described as one of the worst collective winter’s the nation’s ever seen, things are creeping away from lockdown and towards normality.

Among many other things, this means many singletons will be starting to think about IRL dating once again.

While some might be chomping at the bit to get back out there, others will understandably be a little nervous about navigating the dating game after life in lockdown(s).

Whether you’re excitedly looking for some dating app inspo or worrying about getting back on the horse, here are some tips from the experts at Tinder on how to ease your way back into post-lockdown dating…

Be positive and say what you want in your bio

While your first instinct might tempt you towards the contrary, it’s best to be up front and honest about what you want right off the bat.

The experts recommend: ‘If you’re someone who knows what they’re looking for, then don’t be afraid to give your potential matches the heads-up.

‘Whilst a long check-list of your dream match might put some off, giving a few specific pointers, such as “looking for someone to order everything on the menu with” or “looking for someone to parent my dog with me”, will set the precedent and see if your match is keen to keep up.’

Prioritise yourself

Just because things slowed down over lockdown doesn’t mean you necessarily need to speed things up again.

‘Going at your own pace shouldn’t stop now,’ the team said.

‘We recently discovered that that while some Gen Z take just a few weeks to fall in love (29%), others can take up to a few months to fall in love (37%) and 17% prefer a slowed approach, taking a year or more – so embrace this slowed down approach to dating.’

Have a virtual pre-date date

Most of us had never heard of Zoom until the pandemic struck and made video calls an essential part of daily life.

Even though we’re able to date in person now, there’s still a lot to be said for having a virtual first date.

The Tinder experts said: ‘Take it from those who tried Video Chat, it is a low pressure way to get a sense for someone and 40% of Gen Z Tinder members say they will continue to go on digital dates, even as “normal dating” returns.’ 

Be open

While some people will have no doubt in their minds about what they’re looking for, those looking to keep things casual might consider saying as much in their bios.

‘Following a year of restrictions, it’s OK to have fewer expectations for the future of your relationships,’ the experts said.

‘In fact, singletons are seeking a greater openness to possibility as we move out of lockdown; we’ve seen 36% more mentions of “no pressure” and 32% more of “no strings attached” in bios.’

Opt for a creative date

It’s been a long old pandemic, and since we’ve seen comparatively quite a few less people during that time, it would not be surprising if you felt a little out of practise socialising.

‘To take the pressure off of small talk,’ said the experts, ‘You could opt for an activity-based date that will better help you to get to know your match.

‘We recently discovered that “picnicking” is one of the most successful COVID-friendly dates, with almost half of 18-25 year olds enjoying a socially distanced picnic, and over a third (39%) securing a second date.’

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