Flight attendant reveals major passenger 'icks'

Flight attendant reveals major passenger ‘icks’

A flight attendant has dished on what passengers do that gives her and her colleagues the ‘ick.’ Jacqueline R.(pictured left), who works on Air Canada and has been a flight attendant for nearly seven years, laid out several definitive ‘don’ts’ for passengers hoping to stay on crew members’ good sides in a recent TikTok.

‘Your flight attendants love it when you’re super respectful because we are dealing with a lot, as much as you are dealing with a lot,’ she began. ‘We want to be so kind to you and we try our best.’The Toronto native went on to emphasize: ‘Your flight attendants hate it when you’re mean, because we want to be nice. So just be nice. Just smile, just say “Hey, how are you? We’re gonna do the best to treat you good.”‘

‘Do not come on board and demand things. Just ask us nicely. And we will honestly try our best,’ she explained. ‘Just try to remember that, like yourself, we are people too. And we want to make sure that you have the best travel experience. So all we ask is that you be nice. ‘Our number one ick is passengers who are mean for no reason.’

Jacqueline then went on to describe another major ‘ick,’ namely: ‘When passengers come on board while we’re trying to close the doors and take off and ask to go to the bathroom or stand in the aisles in the cabin.’ ‘Please don’t do that,’ she implored.

A seemingly more innocuous ‘ick’ – which Jacqueline prefaced with ‘honestly, not to hurt anyone’s feelings’ – is the tendency of some passengers to expect their flight attendant to act as the intermediary in switching seats with other passengers.

‘We ask that after takeoff, you ask the other passengers to switch seats because we actually don’t have any say when it comes to passengers switching seats,’ she elaborated. ‘Just ask the person who’s sitting in the seat you want, “Hey, would you be able to switch with me?” And if they’re willing and able to switch, they will.’ ‘We honestly don’t have any jurisdiction over that,’ she added.

The next one seems like a more obvious breach of safety protocol, with Jacqueline calling out those ‘who stand right as soon as we land at our destination.’ ‘It’s like, “Okay, I get that you want to get off the airplane. But we literally just landed and the doors are not open. We’re not even at the gate yet.” So for your safety, please remain seated,’ she vented.

‘You heard this here – and you’ll probably hear it again when you’re on the flight: Do not get up as soon as the plane lands. Wait until the seatbelt sign comes off, and then you’ll be able to get off the plane. ‘Literally just because we cannot go anywhere, so please don’t be that passenger.’

Jacqueline is far from the only flight attendant to take to social media to advise on what common passenger behaviors are less than ideal. The flight-attendant influencer, known as CiCi in the Sky, posted a TikTok last month breaking down the top ‘five things’ she now would never do since becoming a flight attendant. Among them: flying same day to an important event; and storing jackets in the overhead bin. Read the full story: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-12482673/Flight-attendant-reveals-three-things-passengers-ICK-shares-ultimate-tips-seat-swapping-etiquette.html?ito=msngallery

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