Former cam girl 'empowering women' with new business

Former cam girl reveals PARENTS can be to blame for their daughters going into sex work because they put children under ‘too much pressure’ to pursue careers they don’t want to do

  • Bella French, from Montreal, started performing sex shows online six years ago
  • At the height of her career she could make up to $40,000 a week making vids  
  • Told how parents can be to blame for children going into sex work
  • Explained daughters can enter the industry because they feel under pressure 

A former cam girl revealed how parents can be to blame for their children going into sex work. 

Bella French, 38, from Montreal, Canada, spent years performing sex acts on camera and earned her up to $40,000-a-week at its peak. 

Speaking about her experience to FEMAIL, Bella, who has now launched her own adult content platform, explained sex workers enter the industry for a variety of reasons, including some who feel trapped by their parents’ expectations. 

Bella French, 38, from Montreal, Canada, spent years performing sex acts on camera and earned her up to $40,000-a-week at its peak. Pictured, Bella today 

She said: ‘We’ve met models that starting at the age of 16 and were dreaming of becoming cam girls and it’s something that is more and more out there, because of social media. 

‘There are young people who see they’re good at connecting with people through social media, being a little sexy to get a like and when they realise, “You know what, I could make a living”.

‘There’s a lot of younger generations of girls and boys that are going to start doing web camming and I’ve met women who are single mothers, they lost their jobs and being a cam girl has really helped them. 

‘You have some people who do it to pay their bills, some people do it because they’re passionate some people feel forced by their families.’ 

She explained that some families actually push their children towards sex work, by putting so much pressure on them to embark on other careers. 

Bella explained: ‘There’s parents out there who tell their family, “you have to be a doctor” or “you have to be a lawyer”. Then they do that, because they feel they have no choice. I just want people to know the adult space is like every other industry.’ 

Bella explained sex workers enter the industry for a variety of reasons, including some who feel trapped by their parents’ expectations. Pictured, during her days as a cam girl

Bella, who used to earn as much as $10,000 in a 20-hour work week, told how her cam girl experience started when she found herself in financial difficulty. 

She had studied fashion marketing and was running two clothing stores in Montreal when floods ruined her shops and she found herself $200,000 in debt.  

Bella originally studied fashion marketing, and had two clothing stores in Montreal before her adult career, however turned to making online videos out of ‘desperation’ when flooding left her stores destroyed and her $200,000 in debt. 

‘Out of pure desperation I started camming,’ Bella admitted. 

However within the first year she had gone from feeling ‘shy’ to ’empowered’ in front of the camera.  

Despite her confidence, Bella had a string of plastic surgery procedures due to the pressure she felt competing with other adult performers. 

‘I had pretty much anything you can have,’ she continued. ‘I had four breast implant surgeries, I had a nose job, I had Botox and fillers. I had fat transfer to have a bigger butt. 

‘You have to understand that in an industry where you compete against other women and men, actually what you’re trying to show is a perfect image as a model. It was part of my job to get plastic surgery. 

‘Not all the models do it, I was really caught up in having a really specific look. Most people in the media or Hollywood stars all get things done.’

The adult star underwent four breast implant surgeries a nose job, Botox, lip filler and a fat transfer to increase the size of her bum

She added: ‘I was putting that pressure on myself and although I was caught up in this community, where my fans were telling me, “if you have bigger boobs you’ll be sexier”, it was my decision.’ 

Bella told how her own parents struggled with her decision to become a sex worker. 

‘They were very unhappy with it, I didn’t tell my family members, my mum discovered it,’ she explained. 

‘I told my brothers and father recently. My mum was initially extremely concerned she thought it was her fault, she struggled. 

‘Now it’s much better because she knows we’re trying to help sex workers [with the platform], empower them, she sees a positive within this industry and the work we do.

 ‘My father was the most surprising. He has a PhD, is an extremely smart person, but never ever, ever did he think I would be doing adult work. 

After three years of being a cam girl, Bella focused her time into starting a business, feeling as though she has always been an ‘entrepreneur at heart’. Pictured, Bella recently

‘He told me, “I love you no matter what”, and he said, “I hope you’re not exploiting women” [with the platform] and I said we’re doing the opposite, we’re trying to empower them.’

Bella’s business venture, ManyVids, aims to empower the cam girls by giving them greater protection and agency over the content they are producing. 

She explained: ‘We have a lot of ways to protect other women. We want to make them feel it’s okay to be a sex worker, you shouldn’t feel oppressed. 

‘We have big customer protection, we take away negative comments, we let our content creators make their views known, we make sure everyone on the platform is of age – they need a government ID – and, if they [the performer] decide to leave the industry we remove all the content on the platform.’

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