Freddie Mercury Queen song that was banned in Argentina – Unbelievable!’ says Roger Taylor

Freddie Mercury still recorded on deathbed says Roger Taylor

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Back in 1981, Queen set off on their South American tour to promote their 1980 album The Game. One of the stops was Argentina where Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon were warmly received by their fans. But did you know that at the time the government had banned one of their songs?

According to La 100’s new featurette celebrating the 40th anniversary of Queen’s 1981 tour of Argentina, Freddie’s Get Down, Make Love song was banned.

The host told Queen drummer Roger, who replied: “Oh was it? Yeah, I’d forgotten that, if I’d ever known it.”

He was then told how in Argentina at the time you couldn’t play the song on the radio.

But even more shockingly, the track was scratched off vinyl copies of Queen’s 1977 album News of the World, so fans couldn’t listen to it.

The shocked Queen drummer replied: “Wow, that is unbelievable! I cannot believe that they could be so small-minded to do that. And so they’re scratching out ‘love’ hey?”

Nevertheless, the band performed the song as part of their tour set in Argentina, as can be viewed below.

Get Down, Make Love is one of Queen’s most sexually-oriented songs, featuring Freddie’s moans and groans.

Argentina was ruled by a military dictatorship at the time and three members of Queen met with Roberto Viola a few weeks before he took power as president.

However, Roger refused to go to the meeting, telling the host in the recent interview: “We are not political.

“And to be honest I did not approve of the regime and the way they treated people at the time.

“I did not want to be seen as supporting them, so I didn’t go.”

Meanwhile, Brian shared why he did decide to go despite the controversial leadership.

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The Queen guitarist said: “It was a fine line to tread I think because we did need the support of the establishment to do that tour.

“I think for them it was also a fine line because if they had been seen to be against us, it would have been a dangerous thing for them.

“Likewise for, we needed their support…we needed their armoured vehicles, we needed their security people. But there was a great feeling of goodwill.”

Meanwhile, Roger admitted he’d never experienced an audience like the joyful Argentinians.

The Queen drummer said: “We knew that we did have an audience in Argentina but we didn’t realise quite what a wonderful audience it would be.

“They would know the songs so well and not only know the songs, they would sing the songs, in English too!

“That first show we could not believe the incredible reception that we got.”

Brian even compared the reception of Queen’s tour of Argentina to The Beatles first concerts in the USA.

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