Fun Fact: I Know What You Did Last Summer's Alison and Lennon Aren't Actually Twins in Real Life

Fun Fact: I Know What You Did Last Summer’s Alison and Lennon Aren’t Actually Twins in Real Life

Almost everyone is talking about the I Know What You Did This Summer reboot that premiered on Oct. 15. The Amazon Prime Video reboot adaptation of Lois Duncan’s cult classic has little resemblance to the popularized ’90s movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Geller, Freddie Prince Jr., and Ryan Phillippe, aside from the chilling aspect of teens trying to cover up a dark secret and getting hunted down one by one a year later.

Identical (down to the clothes) twins Lennon and Alison take center stage in the reboot because of their vicious rivalry, but turns out, they’re not actually twins in real life. In fact, they’re both played by Madison Iseman. On the show, Lennon and Alison have a particularly messed up relationship, with Lennon sleeping with Alison’s crush Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman) shortly after advising her to make a move. Lennon also posted pornographic content on OnlyFans using her sister’s name. Ironically, Alison ends up assuming Lennon’s identity after she accidentally hits her sister with a car, and this dark secret ends up haunting everyone around her.

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