Geoff Rowley Embodies TuffSkin™ in the All-New YETI Crossroads® Backpack

Skateboarding, for as long as streetwear and fashion can remember, has been an infectious source of inspiration that has made it one of the coolest and most stylish sports ever. Geoff Rowley doesn’t subscribe to this notion of cool though— it’s the more gritty and raw parts of the sport the British-born pro skater finds himself often gravitating to. “I’m not the most talented skater by any means,” says Rowley, former Thrasher Magazine’s coveted ‘Skater of the Year’ in 2000. “For me with skate, it’s all heart, all passion. If the spot feels good, I’ll give it everything. Even if I have to walk away bleeding.” This burning passion and willingness to put his body-on-the-line is what Rowley brings with him in his YETI bag, fostering a unique kind of creativity and innovation that allows him to conquer the toughest of spots and angles.

A true veteran and pioneer at this point of his career, Rowley knows the tricks of the trade, often not going anywhere without his YETI Crossroads® backpack. Rowley can carry his spare hangers, horseshoes and even fit his skateboard into the bag allowing him to make adjustments to his board easily with his toolkit or provide a quick fit to a location, making it more skate-able. Not to mention Rowley stays hydrated with a YETI Rambler® bottle and everything he needs fits right into the Crossroads® bag, including the first aid kit that he finds himself needing often, hitting the concrete and battling through cuts and bruises constantly. “Do I wanna get busted up? Do I want to fall down a 40 ft. bank?… Well, Yeah. That’s the answer, every single day I go skating, I look at it and go ‘Yeah,’” proclaims Rowley. “Every one of these battles leaves you with a scar. When you fall and get cut up, that’s what gives me the tough skin.”

The standout YETI Crossroads 27L Backpack is part of an entire collection of backpacks, duffels and luggage – in a variety of colors and sizes – which feature a durable, lightweight TuffSkin™ Nylon with abrasion-resistance and water-repellent fabric, so that nothing can get in Rowley’s way.

Watch the video above as Rowley glides across his favorite SoCal skate spot, taking tough falls but always getting back up, in the latest YETI bags. Then head to YETI’s website now for your chance to purchase a backpack, duffel, luggage or any other accessories from the all-new Crossroads® Collection.
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