Georgia brewery launches ‘healthy’ Fauci beer

A Georgia brewery has begun producing a new beer named after the nation’s top infectious disease and immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Wild Heaven Beer, based in Decatur, Ga., is producing “Fauci Spring,” a new pale, which was available for purchase beginning April 9, the brewery’s Facebook page said.

The brewery’s president, Nick Purdy, said the beer was already in development and simply needed a name, 11Alive reported. In addition, the brewery also recently debuted “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” a German-style lager, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Fauci is a key adviser on the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force and has been keeping the public informed concerning the latest developments in the fight against the pandemic.

Purdy says “Fauci Spring” isn’t your average pale ale. The beer is made up of açai berries, a so-called “superfood” touting alleged health benefits such as boosted weight loss and youthful, glowing skin, according to WebMD.

In addition to berries, Wild Heaven said the brew is brewed with “not-yet-named experimental hops” and contains “tropical, earthy, cocoa and berry notes,” the Bee reported.

Purdy calls the company’s catchy brew names “just a bit of fun,” 11Alive reported.

“We’re just trying to spread joy in a tough time,” he told the news station.

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