Glenn Murray fears Premier League is rushing return and urges chiefs to wait and see impact of ending lockdown first – The Sun

BRIGHTON’S Glenn Murray cannot understand the Premier League’s rush to get back next month.

The striker believes top-flight chiefs should wait to see the impact of easing the lockdown BEFORE staging matches.

Murray was one of the Prem stars briefed by league bosses and medical experts in a conference call.

The players were told about the plans for phase one of Project Restart — which would see them return to training while still social distancing.

Murray, 36, speaking on Sky’s Football Show, said: “Phase two hasn’t been drawn up yet but I think they’re looking at a mid-June restart for the Premier League.”

But the veteran striker fears it is still too soon to plan a return.

He added: “Football isn’t a necessity, it’s a game, it’s a sport.

“What if we go through all this rigmarole of trying to get back and we have a second peak and have to stop anyway?

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