Go Behind the Scenes of Keith Urban's God Whispered Your Name Video

Keith Urban has a sweet surprise for his fans.

The country music superstar is releasing a music video for his latest hit song, “God Whispered Your Name.” In celebration, Urban is taking his fans behind the scenes of the music video set in an exclusive video with E! News.

“Hey everyone! It’s Keith Urban here. I’m gonna show you a little glimpse of a bit of behind the scenes of the making of ‘God Whispered Your Name’ video,” Keith tells fans in a video message. “Check it out.”

In the BTS clip, Urban opens up about the visual he had in mind for the project.

“The only visual I had in mind for the video of ‘God Whispered Your Name’ was to try and capture a sense of being isolated, lonely, dark place,” Urban explains. “And then being able to, across the whole video, start moving into the light just a little bit more each time.”

Urban goes on to explain that that was the “only direction” he gave Jennifer Massaux, the director of the music video.

“Just trying to keep it all about light opening up in this person’s life as they go on,” Urban shares. 

“It was intentional to start quite small and as the video continues just opening up and opening up…to me how I found my world, opening up as I went on my journey,” Urban tells fans.

The music star also shares that the exterior mountain and desert footage was filmed outside of Lancaster, Calif.

As he explains, “Didn’t have to go too far out of town to find this amazing area that’s quite cinematic even potentially on a small screen.”

Take a look at the video above to see Urban’s BTS exclusive!

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