Gobsmacked mum gives birth to 15lbs baby who is as big as a toddler

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A mum has revealed the incredible moment she gave birth to her firstborn son – who turned out to weigh nearly 15lbs.

Sabrina Ann, from Wisconsin, US, said she was not told about the weight and only found out the size of her son while giving birth.

Sharing her story in a stitch video on TikTok, she says: "In 2015 I had my firstborn son.

"After about 25 hours of labour it was time to push, four and a half hours later of pushing, midwife says 'You know I think we might be having kind of a bigger baby here, maybe 9 or 10lbs'.

"Boy were they wrong, C-section came and out came my toddler. 14.7lbs."

The parent also explained that the midwives couldn't get her son using vacuum suction.

Sabrina had packed some newborn clothes for her son, but she soon found out none of them would fit.

"So literally, we had to go to Walmart and bought six-month-old clothing because he was so large," she added in the comment.

The video has received more than 200,000 likes and 1.2 million views.

Many parents were shocked after finding out the whopping size of Sabrina's son.

One said: "There's no way you could've pushed that out."

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"That's two of my babies put together!" another wrote. "I cannot imagine."

A mum compared the story to her daughter, adding: "My daughter was 15lbs on her first birthday."

A fourth chimed in: "I've seen a handful of these videos and yours winning so far."

And that's true, as another mum also gave birth to a baby so big that she had to dress him in nine-month-old clothing.

She also had to get her son out via C-section and the baby weighed a whopping 14lbs and 0.6oz.

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