Golden Retriever with terminal cancer ticks off his bucket list

A Golden Retriever with terminal cancer is enjoying as much as he possibly can in the time he has left.

The 13-year-old dog called Theo is in the process of working his way through a bucket list of activities, compiled by foster mum Jenny Leech.

Jenny, from Illinois, fostered the elderly dog after he was abandoned in a car park earlier this year. Theo’s love for life prompted Jenny to compile an enormous bucket list of things for him to experience.

She said: ‘The bucket list ranges from the simple things in life such as a bite of pizza or a puppachino at Starbucks to starring on our local news TV show.

‘He has been a guest to business opening nights, the fire station and even been in a small plane used for skydiving.

‘Someone also took him for a ride in their convertible which he loved so much.’

Theo has been busy swimming (with the help of an inflatable), attending a blind picnic date, hiking and hanging out at a brewery.

Jenny said: ‘He is a happy dog despite being so sick, we don’t know how he ended up abandoned but he has a love for life.

‘His reaction to new things and experiences prompted me to put a bucket list on Facebook – it grew from there.

‘People have been so generous and have sent Theo new toys, treats and even hosted parties for him.

‘I want him to enjoy whatever time he has left.’

Vets haven’t given Jenny an exact time frame of how much longer Theo has left, so the mum-of-three is just taking each day as it comes.

Theo’s testicular cancer has now spread so he is unable to walk – but that hasn’t stopped him. 

Jenny added: ‘The generosity from others has been phenomenal. Theo wags his tail all of the time.

‘If he didn’t have external masses then nobody would even know he is sick.

‘He is loved by everyone and even my cat likes him!

‘I am so happy I fostered him and I plan on bringing him on more adventures whilst we have him.’

Theo’s bucket list

1. Eat pizza

2. Try an ice cream

3. Whipped cream cup from starbucks

4. Ride in a Mustang

5. Blind date picnic with a German shepherd

6. Boat ride

7. Sit in skydiving plane

8. Visit a rescue farm with goats

9. Hang out at a brewery

10. Beer named after him called ‘Theo’s octopus’

11. Birthday party at a dog training facility

12. Model for the day during a free photoshoot.

13. Swimming in a pool

14. Swimming in a lake

15. Hike

16. Outdoor cinema

17. Presented with a huge cheque that looked like a lottery cheque to show everything he has won since being saved

18. Met a pony dressed up as a unicorn

19. Guest at local video shop

20. Appear on local news TV

21. Pamper day at a doggy day care centre

Future plans…

22. Concert in his honour

23. Photoshoot with Scooby Doo mystery machine car.

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