Google Now Uses Recycled Materials in All Its Products

Back in 2019, Google announced its plans to include recycled materials in all Made By Google products by 2022, and the tech giant has now achieved this target one year early.

According to the company, products such as the Pixel phone and its accessories or other Nest items now all feature recycled materials in some form. For example, the Pixel 5’s back cover is crafted entirely from 100 percent recycled aluminum, while the Nest Audio speaker features 70 percent recycled plastic. Of course, the achievement doesn’t mean all its products are now made completely out of recycled materials but instead incorporate them in at least part of the designs.

“Google’s focus on incorporating recycled materials in our hardware design not only supports our sustainability commitments but also enables our supply chain partners to confidently invest in and develop these types of materials so that the wider consumer electronics industry can use them too,” said Google sustainability systems architect David Bourne.

The achievement is just one of many pledges the tech giant made around sustainability. The company announced back in September that it hopes to be completely carbon-free by 2030, while committing to use more recycled or renewable materials in both hardware products and packaging. “We’ve already made a reduction in plastic use in our packaging since 2016, but we have a lot of hard work ahead in order to meet this new goal,” Bourne added.

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