'Halo' TV Series Set To Premiere on Paramount+ in 2022

The long-awaited Showtime produced Halo TV series is officially migrating to Paramount+ and will be available exclusively on the ViacomCBS streamer.

Halo is expected to launch on the streaming platform in the first quarter of 2022. The TV adaptation stars Pablo Schreiber and is set to take place in the same universe it first came to be back in 2001. Fans can look forward to the dramatization of an epic 26th-century conflict between an alien threat, Covenant and humanity. The show appears to weave between thrilling action and adventure to personal stories.

Chief Creative Officer at Showtime Networks, David Nevins comments on the series saying, “It delivers the visceral excitement of playing the game, along with a much deeper emotional experience around the Spartans, human beings who got their humanity chemically and genetically altered. The story is about reclaiming what makes them human, and therefore it’s a very powerful story.”

Nevins continues to discuss the decision to move Halo to Paramount+ stating that after seeing the initial footage of the series, combined with the popularity of Showtime’s own original series, Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston, they decided that they wanted to accelerate the series on a streaming platform – “Halo always fit the bill but seeing it, we felt it would work.” Though the show has moved platforms, Showtime is still on board to produce the series.

Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, and Darryl Frank are amongst the executive producers of the TV series.

There is currently no further information regarding the release date of Halo.

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