Hayley Hughes reveals the 99p secret to her super shiny blonde hair

It’s not easy being blonde. As fair hair doesn’t reflect the light like dark-coloured hair does, it is notoriously tricky to get it to look shiny.

Coupled with the fact that highlights, balayage and bleaching can leave hair feeling dry and frazzled, blonde hair usually requires a little more TLC than most.

Hayley Hughes has been doing just that. She's discovered a winning combination to keep her long blonde locks looking their best – and one product is a complete bargain.

The Love Island star recently shared her haircare routine with her followers on Instagram Stories.

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Like a lot of us, Hayley has been spending this time doing some extra pampering, explaining: “My hair has never been looked after so much, like it has the past few weeks.”

She goes on to explain her haircare routine: “I wash it like once a week and put a hair mask on once or twice a week.”

And the masks in question? One is the Salon Chic Coconut Hair Oil, which is designed to smooth and soften frizzy, dry strands.

It’s usually available to buy from here for just 99p, although Hayley said she picked hers up from The Range.

It works out as even more of a bargain when she reveals how she “gets a few goes out of one little bottle.”

Hayley also uses the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, £26, which she describes as "literally the best treatment for your hair".

With a feed full of sexy snaps, you may be forgiven for thinking that the 23-year-old model was spending this lockdown period in a state of constant glam, but her comments reveal otherwise.

“Forever got my hair in a messy bun these days forgot what’s it like to be glam,” she comments in a cute selfie, while in a recent Q&A with her followers, she says, “This week I have told myself I am doing my hair and makeup and getting dressed properly…I can’t wait for a glow up”

Us too, Hayley – until then, we look forward to seeing more of your beauty steals!

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