Heartbreak as pregnant dog left to fend for herself in 100-degree heat

A good samaritan has shared the heart-wrenching rescue story of a pregnant dog found traipsing around a construction site without water or food.

When rescuers were alerted that the dog was one of two canines spotted on the grounds, in Brownsville, Texas, they knew they had to intervene.

A female dog – later named Ginger – and her male companion were safely removed from the 100-degree heat, but fears quickly grew over Ginger’s welfare after it transpired she was pregnant.

Antonio Caldwell, Deputy Director of Animal Services at the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center, caught wind of the animal’s predicament and paid her a visit.

“There were two dogs that were kind of roaming around and they looks like they had been dumped at this construction site,” Caldwell said.

“They brought in Ginger and we immediately got her food and water and got her settled. It was about eight or nine weeks ago that we got a call through dispatch for an animal control officer to respond to a construction site.”

Ginger’s mate was later taken under the wing of a Texas Central care organization, but with no one to claim Ginger, Calwell brought her home to give birth within the comfort of his home.

“Ginger was as wide as a house, like super pregnant,” explained the rescuer. “It makes you sad to think who would abandon a pregnant dog with no food, no water, and in the heat at a construction.”

With the support of her caretaker, the light brown boxer gave birth to 12 puppies, eight of whom survived and were eventually adopted.

Ginger had no luck in finding a new home, however, but Caldwell was secretly relieved that he could keep her for himself.

“My wife and I were so attached,” He confessed. “We couldn’t imagine seeing her with anyone else.”

Caldwell also pointed out that Ginger’s story is a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, adding that her abandonment was “a terribly sad thing, but these are things that we deal with on a regular basis”.

He urges anyone contemplating pet adoption to consider the long-term financial implications beforehand. If re-homing the pet is ever necessary, the sensible choice is to drop them off at a shelter and not resort to abandonment.

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