Heineken’s Robot Cooler Delivers Ice Cold Beer to You

This summer, Heineken has resolved to make drinking their beer all the more convenient with the invention of a dual robot cooler. The Heineken Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.) is an autonomous robot that uses motion sensor technology to follow its owner around wherever they go so that ice cold beer is always within an arm’s reach.

The B.O.T. looks and functions like a droid, with two large wheels and four smaller ones, and a cooler that can hold a dozen beers, plus ice. A promotional video for the B.O.T. pictures it rolling around poolside and on the grass, though it probably can’t handle any rougher terrain than that. When approaching the edge of the pool, the B.O.T. is shown to instinctively stop short.

The WALL-E look alike can also “speak” on account of a brain that runs on AI. “Are you thirsty?,” the B.O.T. is shown asking its owner as it rolls up to her.

Those wanting to crack a cold one without lugging around a heavy cooler this summer can enter to win a Heineken B.O.T. exclusively on its website on Thursday, July 1.

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