Here’s how much Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids are actually worth

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are already worth a hefty penny all while under the age of 10 years old. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the young royals who are ahead of their uncle, Prince Harry, in the monarch line of succession, contribute a great deal to the British economy simply because of their presence. 

Just consider this statement from Brand Finance Group CEO David Haigh, made before the birth of Prince Louis: “It is a tremendous marketing opportunity for producers and retailers of baby products who can build their promotional campaigns around the good news from Kensington Palace, but the economic impact of the royal children grows with them. Over the years, the youngest Royal Baby will continue to boost the sales of clothes and toys brands they wear or play with.” Haigh goes on to share, that “the forthcoming birth of the new prince or princess comes with benefits to tourism and Britain’s image abroad, and is already drawing the attention of the world to London. Many visitors who come to the capital for pomp and circumstance hope to see the royal children during their parents’ official engagements.”  

There's a reason Charlotte is worth more than George and Louis

The consultancy firm estimated George is worth $3.2 billion — at least to the British economy, while Charlotte is worth $4.3 billion. It was predicted Louis would generate nearly $67 million to the British economy before he turned one. “These numbers are projections of what the royal children could bring the UK economy in their lifetimes, assuming they will continue to have the same positive effect,” Brand Finance communications manager Sehr Sarwar told Insider.

Charlotte’s larger projected worth over her lifetime boils down to one simple thing. As a girl, she influences fashion much more than her brothers George and Louis would. Haigh notes that George and Louis have influence when it comes to the toys and games they play, but Charlotte has “a real Midas touch” when it comes to her wardrobe. Many companies see a spike in sales when Charlotte wears an item of clothing from their store. “A princess attracts endorsements from fashion brands and people get excited about her clothing and accessories choices,” Haigh told Money.

Meanwhile, Louis’ projected worth is less than George and Charlotte simply because he’s the youngest child, and some excitement over a royal birth dies down.

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