Hilarious collection reveals terrible estate agent photos

Terrible estate agent photos will not convince anyone to part with their money

  • Hilarious snaps show pictures actually used by real estate agents to sell homes
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Viewing a property to find it looks absolutely nothing like the pictures can be really frustrating when you’re home hunting.

But in some cases a potential buyer would hope they are not going to get what they see in the photos. 

Bored Panda has collated images of hilariously bad photos taken by estate agents to sell or rent out homes from around the world.

From a random horse in the dining room to a home filled with spiky-edged entryways, there are many red flags that would likely put you off putting money down.

In one bedroom picture, there is so much clutter and mess that an interested party would struggle to even catch a glimpse of the floor.

A horse is seen heading out of the dining room of one home, which could leave potential buyers wondering if the animal comes with the house

One architect seemingly has an issue with normal doors and decides they should all be spiky and slanted

In one bedroom picture, there is so much clutter and mess that an interested party would struggle to even catch a glimpse of the floor

The pictures include a kitchen worktop that seemingly melts into the floor and an unwelcome circus guest at the window. 

In other cases, some very bad photoshop jobs show a non-existent sofa placed in a living room and a not-so-realistic garden, while one picture even appeared to show the house for sale actually on fire. 

One photo used by real estate agents on their website even shows a man urinating on the house they are trying to sell. 

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the strangest home pictures that made it through the editing process and onto the estate agency website.  

A kitchen worktop seemingly melts into the floor in one badly photoshopped image, with the kitchen and the flooring appearing to be one

Looking on the bright side! A Tennessee mansion went up for sale for $1.5 million after it went up in flames – but homeowners remind new buyers that they could build their dream home on the prized site.

An unwelcome circus guest is seen at the window of this house, with a clown staring eerily into the home

In bad taste! The realtor selling this home in the US bafflingly included a photo of a man urinating against the wall while trying to tempt buyers  

A not-so-realistic garden picture shows a bad photoshop attempt with trees added in

If you go down to the woods today! In one bedroom picture of a home in Colorado a rather scared looking giant cuddly toy bear is seen cowering on a chair

Talk about couching it! The estate agent tried to fool the buyer into thinking there’s a sofa in the living room with a bad effort at Photoshop 

For daredevils there is even a home with a double bed hanging over the staircase in a rather strange set-up

For those who fancy cutting the commute between the kitchen and the dining room short, this home has a bath surrounded by chairs 

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