Homeless woman shares stress of working full-time while living out of a hotel

A British woman who found herself homeless has shared the stress of living in temporary accommodation while trying to hold on to her full-time job.

Kayleigh Lindon, who says she is employed as a home care worker, regularly shares videos documenting her daily routine while living in a Travelodge which is paid for by her local council.

The woman, who has gained more than 30,000 followers on social media, said she was placed there to prevent her from rough sleeping while she looks for a permanent place to live.

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But because the accommodation is temporary, the council renews her stay week-by-week as it doesn't know how long she will be there at any given time.

However, in one of her videos, which has gained more than 1.4 million views, Lindon explained that the renewal time is while she's at work as she filmed herself getting ready and removing her belonging from the room ahead of the check-out time.

In the video, she explained: "Today is a little bit more of a stressful homeless day… The council book me in weekly in this hotel as I'm currently homeless to prevent me from being rough sleeping.

"The council have to book it in week-by-week because they can't do it and like a bulk kind of thing because they actually don't know how long you're going to be here.

"This is where things start to get really frustrating – when I first started staying in the hotel, my original checkout date was Wednesday and the council had till Wednesday to rebook you in.

"Normally, they might walk you in earlier than a normal checkout time, if you are not working so say and hear all day, but me having to get up and leave at the crack of dawn means I have to pack all my things and take it with me in case they don't have the room for me tonight."

Thankfully, the staff at the hotel allowed her to leave her belongings with them until she returns from work so she doesn't have to carry her bags all day.

Lindon claims she became homeless after leaving college as she was unable to return to her mom’s house.

Initially, the scouse lass stayed with friends and boyfriends until she was finally granted accommodations by the council.

In a previous video, Lindon explained that she was on a salaried receptionist job but couldn't afford expensive private renting and deposits as well as the high costs of bills due to the cost of living crisis.

She said she would be able to afford one on council rates and has been applying for flats to live in with her local housing association.

However, a recent video showed that she has since changed jobs to become a home care worker, which she says is loving so far – but sadly she has not heard back on a number of flats she's applied for.

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TikTok viewers were left stunned as to how someone in full-time work could be in this position and they took to the comments to show her some support.

One user wrote: "The fact that people in full-time employment can't afford somewhere to live makes me ashamed to be British."

Another added: "One day girl, you're going to have the cosiest home to call your own."

A third commented: "This is so inspiring. I’m 18 and living in supported [accommodations] with no job, no income, and no food, I need your motivation."


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