Horoscopes today – Russell grants star sign forecast for Saturday, July 23

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You’re thinking about how to make things better for yourself and your family in the future. An older relative will at first laugh at some of your plans until they realise you are serious. You will have great fun persuading them to your way of thinking.


If a close friend or relative can’t cheer up, you might decide not to spend too much time with them. You can understand why they are disappointed with recent developments but they had built their hopes up too high and they knew the risks they were taking in doing so.


Someone close is in the mood for fun and games. Their high spirits will be infectious. Some surprise developments will have a massive effect on your family routine and will help lift your life out of a rut. It’s a day to expect the unexpected.


What you would enjoy most of all now is to spend some quality time with your one and only. If you are single, your warmth and friendliness makes you very popular. Don’t be surprised to receive several invitations to travel or party. If you aren’t in the mood, remember that you don’t have to accept them all.


More people are starting to express an interest in a recently begun venture. This will bring a surge of rapid movement and activity. You will welcome the help but it is important to set a limit or it could lead to too many cooks spoiling the broth.


There are a number of things that sit outside your control and all you can do is mitigate the risks and consequences of these. You will be ramping up activities and looking to do new things but in a group project, the work needs to be done by a smaller pool of people.


Be patient with a romantic friend who is going on and on about a matter that bores you silly. A colleague will suddenly want to share their likes and dislikes with you. You aren’t sure exactly why. This could be their way of trying to get to know you better.


A senior colleague will be impressed by your quick responses and also for the way you remain calm when dealing with the unexpected. An unusual idea is worth further consideration. If you go ahead with this suggestion, it would give you a perfect chance to exercise your creative muscles.


You may be wondering whether you have made a right choice or decision. There’s a need to think of the financial consequences of transactions now being discussed. If you feel you have lost your way, some helpful advice from an older relative will set you back on course.


A friendship will come under some strain when ideas you had been ready to implement are opposed. New suggestions will be made but these could involve a third person you happen to dislike. You don’t need to accept the situation as it is.


Holiday plans may not go ahead as anticipated. Sticking with your initial intentions could be a stretch too far when you look at the details. Although it is something you don’t want to do, you may have to agree on a different destination that is more affordable.


You’re still finding it hard to turn people away when they ask for help or are in need of a favour. Instead of decreasing as you had hoped, your responsibilities continue to increase. People are starting to demand far too much from you and what you really need is a calm and restful weekend.

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