Horrified dad finds dead frog hanging out of McDonalds burger after a few bites

An outraged dad has claimed he found a dead frog inside of his daughter's McChicken Sandwich.

The father had been to a McDonald's stationed in the town of Secunda in the South African province of Mpumalanga when the slimy surprise found its way into the food.

McDonald's has been notified of the allegedly contaminated burger, with the store told of Willem Bezuidenhout's claims of finding the dead frog inside of his daughter's burger.

The dad says he bought the McChicken meal for his daughter and that she came across the dead frog after already taking a few bites of the burger.

He said the incident was like something from a movie and referred to the burger as a "McFroggie".

Mr Bezuidenhout says he purchased the meal at a McDonald's store in Secunda on May 6, sarcastically thanking the store for the "not so wonderful surprise" allegedly contained within the burger.

The horrified father took to Facebook to share images of the allegedly spoiled burger, adding to his post a message that read: "Thank you Secunda McDonald's for the not so wonderful surprise on my daughter's meal tonight, 6 May 2022."

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His Facebook post continued: "I always thought things like this only happen in the movies, but now it happens to us tonight. Yes, you see right, it's a McFroggie."

The post received over 1,000 comments and was seen by thousands as the post was shared by thousands of people on the social media app.

According to the images posted by Mr Bezuidenhout, his daughter was a few bites into her McChicken burger before coming across the hidden amphibian, which was apparently stuck in the mayonnaise.

Following a hefty dose of online backlash, McDonald's spokesperson Daniel Padiachy said they were taking the McFroggie matter seriously and announced an investigation at the store in question.

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