Houseparty video chat: How to delete someone on the viral Houseparty video app

Much of the world has retreated into coronavirus lockdown, causing many to forego their favourite social activities. Fortunately, the viral video chat app Houseparty is on hand to allow people to hang out with their friends and family. However, you may for whatever reason wish to delete a Houseparty contact – here is how.

How to Delete a House Party contact:

Houseparty automatically recognises contacts and friends who have already signed up.

This allows users to dive into chats almost instantly.

Those struggling to find their friends via the contact book, Facebook and Snapchat integrations, can also search for their friend’s username and add them that way.

In the same way, it is simple to remove individual contacts via the Settings function.


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How to delete a Houseparty account: 

This article details how to permanently delete your Houseparty account and all your profile information, using an Apple iPhone.

Houseparty’s Android and macOS apps do not offer an option to quickly delete your account.

However, you can send an email to [email protected] to request an account deletion.

Open Houseparty on your iPhone – the Houseparty app resembles a yellow waving hand in a pink icon.

Tapping the smiley icon on the top-left opens your friends list in a new pop-up.

If you have any notifications, you will see a box with a number in it instead of a smiley.

Selecting the gear icon on the top-left will open the Settings menu.

Tapping the Privacy button listed next to a lock icon opens your privacy options.

Now tap Delete Account, found as last option on the Privacy menu and confirm your action in a pop-up window.


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Now select Yes in the confirmation window, which will prompt you to enter your account password before your account deletion is complete.

Tap the password field and type your Houseparty password here.

Tap OK will verify your password. You’ll be prompted to confirm deletion one last time.

This will confirm your final action, and delete your Houseparty account.

How to delete Houseparty via email:

You can open your mailbox in an internet browser or use any mobile or desktop mail client app.

Since Houseparty’s Android and desktop apps don’t allow you to delete your account, you will have to send an email request to the support team in order to get your account deleted.

Without an iPhone, you will have to send an email to Houseparty’s support team in order to delete your account.

Enter [email protected] into the To field, to access Houseparty’s support mailbox.

You can send an email request here to delete your account.

Type Request to Delete Account in the Subject field.

This will help you quickly get your request across to the support team.

Now simply request your account to be deleted immediately and make sure to include your full name, Houseparty username, email address, and phone number in your message.

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