How to clean a deep fat fryer

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Deep-fried food is not great for your health, but it’s difficult to resist. If you have a deep fat fryer at home and use it often, you’ll know that cleaning it is quite tricky. Don’t worry, reveals how to clean a deep fat fryer.

How to clean a deep fat fryer

If you clean up oil splashes and grease marks as they occur, cleaning your deep fat fryer won’t be too difficult.

When it’s time to do a thorough clean, start by turning the machine off and unplugging it at the source.

Wait for the oil to cool down if you’ve just finished using it, and cover the cables with towels or kitchen roll so protect them.

Drain the oil into a container if you plan to reuse it, and then turn your attention to the fryer basket.

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Pick out any chunks of food or crumbs that are caught in the strainer before you soak the basket.

Take the basket out of the fryer and use hot soapy water to clean it with a sponge.

If there is stubborn grease stuck to the basket, use a scourer pad or brush to get rid of it.

Rinse the basket in clean water and leave it to dry on your dish rack.

Now it’s time to clean up the fryer by blotting away the excess oil with kitchen roll.

Take a plastic spatula or pan scraper and start scraping away greasy food build-up.

Fill a large bowl with warm soapy water and dip a sponge in it.

Use the sponge to clean your fryer, working in a circular motion to dislodge any debris.

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Make sure you clean the exterior as well, as your fryer probably splashes and drips.

Fill the fryer with fresh hot water and let it soak for half an hour to loosen up the remaining particles.

Drain the water and dry the inside of the fryer.

Don’t forget to clean your filters to get rid of trapped food particles and avoid bacterial growth and mould in the machine.

Not only is avoiding cleaning the filter unhygienic, it means your oil will give the food a funny taste and your food may not cook properly.

If you can remove your filter, take it out and soak it in a bowl or sink of hot soapy water.

If you can’t take the filter out, go in with a damp paper towel and some detergent to clean it.

Make sure to get rid of soap and dry off your filter before use.

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