How to clean a tower fan

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Tower fans are favoured over other types of fans for many reasons.

They are affordable, powerful, and the easiest type of fan to keep clean.

Tower fans don’t require a lot of maintenance, and you can clean them in a few simple steps.

To keep your fan working at its optimum level you will need to do this process at least once or twice a year.

How to clean a tower fan

Step one

Turn your fan off and unplug it at the socket.

This will prevent the blades from moving while you clean it.

Also, it will prevent dust from getting inside the machine.

Put on protective eyewear and a mask to keep the dust out of your eyes and lungs.

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Step two

Use a hoover with the brush attachment to remove dust from the exterior.

This will get the job done without scratching the casing.

If you don’t have a brush attachment, try using a dust brush or microfibre duster.

Pay particular attention to the vents, since this is where air enters and exits the fan.

The aim is to remove as much dust, lint and other debris as possible.

Step three

Next you will need an air compressor or can of compressed air– you can get these from many home improvement stores.

If you are using an air compressor, apply the blower nozzle and turn the compressor on.

The instructions will tell you how long to wait for the compressor to build up pressure.

If you are using compressed air in a can, shake the can thoroughly for 30 seconds.

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Step four

Blow the compressed air into the vent to get rid of any lodged dirt.

Aim it directly at the inside of the machine, going straight through the vents.

Move the nozzle along the vent while releasing the air, and go over the entire vent with he canister.

Start at the top of the fan and work your way down, blowing the flat surfaces and crevices.

Step five

Use a duster to clean off any remaining dust and dirt on the fan.

Step six

Plug the fan back into the mains and turn on the switch.

Make sure there is nothing left in the fan’s vent before turning it on to blow out any remaining dust.

Let the fan run for a few minutes, and then use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any debris that comes out of the fan.

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