How to get rid of moths from your wardrobes and cupboards

Top 10 Facts About Moths

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Insect home invasions will have started in the last few months, thanks to a rash of hot weather. Creepy crawlies relish open windows and relentlessly pursue any active lights in the vicinity. But some may take solace in the darkness of darks closets and cupboards, namely moths, which like to snack on clothing.

How to get rid of months from wardrobes and cupboards

Moths will infiltrate and make a new home in dark, humid spaces around the house.

These include cupboards and wardrobes, and people might not notice they have a moth until they happen upon some new holes in their clothing.

At this point, there are both ways to get rid of the lingering pest and deter any future invaders.

Take a closer look

Clothes with new holes will alarm most people at first, but they shouldn’t rush to a moth-specific solution.

Other pests like to chow down on clothing as well, including some beetle species.

If it turns out moths lie at the source of the issue, their larvae are the real culprits, as they enjoy animal-based clothing.


If moths get the chance to chew on people’s clothing, they likely also had the chance to establish a family.

The insects tend to lay their eggs in crevices at the back or corners, so homeowners should hoover there to get rid of any blossoming moth populations.

The hoover bag will need immediate disposal, however, as eggs and larvae may cling on and spread elsewhere.

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Clean clothes

Any clothes not ruined by moth bites need immediate cleaning, as the larvae will cling on.

Dry cleaning is the most effective extraction method, and cleaners will understand how to deal with wool or other luxurious items.

Those wanting to wash the clothes themselves should keep them on a hot cycle provided this wouldn’t cause damage or shrinkage.

Make the clothes uninhabitable

Remember, moths like warm, dry environments, so people can eliminate them by making clothing uninhabitable.

Some items will survive the oven at a low temperature and kill larvae at 50C and above.

The reverse also works, as people can also put their clothes in the freezer for a few days.

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