How Tom Brady Overcame His ‘Challenging’ Co-Parenting Situation With Bridget & Gisele

It was ‘very challenging,’ but Tom Brady has been able to co-parent his son with his ex Bridget Moynahan while raising his family with wife Gisele Bundchen. Here’s how they made it happen.

The normally private Tom Brady, 42, opened up to Howard Stern during the April 8 episode of The Howard Stern Show about how having a baby with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan while in the early stages of dating his future wife Gisele Bündchen was “very challenging.” In the end it all worked out. Now the NFL superstar has beautiful sons by both women, with Jack Moynahan Brady, 12, and Benjamin Brady, 10, being as close as brothers can be.

“It really took some time to get on the same page with Tom and Bridget once he started dating Gisele. But they all knew when Bridget got pregnant that what was good for Jack needed to win out. They are such a great co-parenting unit, and Gisele supports all the decisions they make together. Gisele doesn’t get in the way of decisions Bridget and Tom have to make but, at the same time, gets the respect she deserves as a stepmom,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Tom’s life is pretty much on a regimen and the thing that breaks that up is his love for his kids and that everyone is a complete team. Everyone has lots of respect for each other and really makes the focus all about family first. That importance shines brightest,” the insider adds about the six-time Super Bowl champ and his family, which also includes his seven-year-old daughter Vivian with Gisele.

“Tom and Bridget made a very clear decision to raise Jack together and Gisele has always been nothing but supportive. It was hard when she first found out because she had only been dating Tom for two months, but she never made it an issue. She was mature enough to see that the most important thing was doing what was best for the baby,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

“And it’s no exaggeration to say she loves Jack like her own and she has since the very first moment she met him. Gisele is so nurturing and right away she was all about doing the most to support Tom as a father. She has her own bond with Jack, but she has never tried to replace his mom. She is very respectful and mature and so is Bridget. They put Jack’s needs first,” the insider continues. “And Bridget is happily married herself [to Andrew Frankel]. In spite of having divorced parents, Jack has a very stable family life. He truly just has double the love and he is thriving because of that.”

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