HUMAN MADE Upgrades Kyoto Flagship Store With Exclusive Blue Bottle Cafe

NIGO has professed his undying love for Blue Bottle Coffee by integrating the cafe into his HUMAN MADE Kyoto flagship store. Just last month HUMAN MADE launched a collaborative merch collection with the coffee shop where NIGO designed custom staff uniforms and a bespoke Future Blend for the coffee’s Shibuya store. The iconic HUMAN MADE ethos featured on the cotton t-shirts and co-branded heart motifs are set to be on display at the first in-house Blue Bottle. This marks the first time Blue Bottle has been integrated into another store.

The Blue Bottle Coffee shop within the flagship store is a fully functioning cafe that retains much of its own and HUMAN MADE’s trademarks. It features wooden classic wooden countertops and stylish angular shapes alongside a large stock of NIGO’s exclusive Future Blend coffee.

The shop is also expected to sell a selection of HUMAN MADE x Blue Bottle Coffee merch including a range of ceramic mugs and tumblers to custom pour-over sets. Those fans of the Future Blend will be able to purchase that in-store as well as sample heart-shaped sweets crafted at the historic, centuries-old Kyoto tea establishment, Kagizen Yoshifusa. These treats are made exclusively for NIGO’s Kyoto Blue Coffee branch.

HUMAN MADE 1928 Cafe by Blue Bottle Coffee
1st floor
56 1928 Benkeiishi-cho
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Kyoto, Japan

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